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Houston is truly one of the most diverse international cities in the nation and it will be a great opportunity to show case our religious, cultural and social diversity by participating in this religious celebration with all of our brothers and sister. This will be a remarkable opportunity to show solidarity and unity among not just various Muslim organizations and religious groups but also to remind all that we share same human values, respect, and dignities as do rest of our citizens of this great city, irrespective of race, color, religion, or the origin of an individual.

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"O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you,
so that you may attain piety” Qur’an 2:183

Abu Dhabi, Baku, Istanbul and Karachi Sister City Associations
Along with all other Collaborating Organizations
Houston is proud to have a strong “Sister Cities of Houston” organization under the leadership of our great Mayor Annise Parker. We are honored to showcase our diversity and culture among all the citizens of Houston and look forward to working with all other religious & cultural organizations.

Houston Iftar: Mayor Parker Lauds Muslim Contributions for Houston, Close to Two Thousand Attended the Historic Event at the Bayou City Event Center

Honorable Mayor of Houston Annise Parker has paid rich tributes to the organizing committee of “The Houston Iftar 2013”, which was headed by Saeed Sheikh, for hosting this annual event in the most superlative manner. She said like many in Houston, she eagerly waits for this event every year: “This year the event has truly become the “Houston Iftar” with the involvement of the Four Muslim Countries Sister City Associations and the various diversified communities of the Greater Houston Region; all coming together for this Mega Iftar dinner”, Hon Mayor Parker added.

Syed Javiad Anwar of Midland Energy introduced the Mayor Houston. While addressing this impressive gathering of Iftar Dinner hosted by Abu Dhabi, Baku, Istanbul, & Karachi Sister City Associations, along with the other sponsoring & collaborating organizations at the Bayou City Event Center, Hon Mayor of Houston said it’s important for all communities and faith to come close & understand each other; and that this kind of mammoth events brings with it the real opportunity of understanding among varying citizens of this culturally diversified and harmonious city. All the three religions including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are firm believers of peace, compassion, & tolerance; and supporters of weak and poor: Together the people of good can push back the terrorism. Hon. Mayor Annise Parker lauded the services of Muslim Community calling it the rich fabric of Houston. She said this diversified Muslim Community has always been ready to come forward for help at the hours of needs. Ramadan is a time of renewal and fasting is the sacrifice of ones’ desires for the greater reward of God. She added that it is pleasing to see how the Muslim Community is fast becoming a strong factor in making the City strong and becoming the pride of all Houstonians.

On this occasion, Chairman of the Houston Iftar Dinner Committee, Saeed Sheikh welcomed the guests and thanked all the sponsors & collaborative organizations for their immense support in making the event most successful. He specially thanked S. Javaid Anwar for his generous support towards the event. Special video messages from President Barak Obama and Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst were shown at the occasion, in their messages President Obama and Lieutenant Governor of Texas David Dewhurst also extended their best wishes to the Muslims around Houston, Texas, USA and the world. A large number of City officials includes City Controller Ronald Green, Mike Sullivan Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, County Clerk and large number of Foreign Diplomats and Media were in attendance.

Earlier, on this occasion Special Guest US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has said that America view all faiths and ethnicity with respect and honor. This is why people from all over are welcomed in US and are absorbed in American society. She said America provides complete freedom of religion and expression. Congresswoman was addressing the gathering on an Iftar dinner for Houston residents hosted by Houston Mayor Anise Parker. She said Islam is a religion of peace and during Ramadan Muslims by fasting sacrifice very normal daily days into a tough test of resolve which is a lesson for other communities. Addressing the participants of the Iftar dinner Congressman Al-Green said that it is an honor for him that the Iftar event is hosted in his district in Houston and for that he welcomes all the participants. Both Congressmen urged the residents of Houston to play their role in contacting their representatives to help passage of immigration bill which is already passed by senate.

Special congressional recognition were given by both members of Congress to the Organizing Committee received by Chairman Saeed Sheikh honoring the outstanding efforts in hosting such a grand Iftar.

Sheriff Harris county Adrian Garcia, and representative from interfaith Ministries Lauren Sandy, Dr. Moien Buut of Shifa Foundation and Shaykh Waleed Basyouni of the ClearLake Islamic Center (CLIC) gave eloquent messages of humanity & community services, and said that it is incumbent upon the Muslims to be involved in the communities’ and societies’ that they live in, to create an understanding of who everyone is and practice the good values of the Muslims, so as to have positive impact of every family and neighborhood; and that will be the true essence of Ramadan.

“This event shows a beautiful portrait of Brotherhood, where all races and religions under one roof are enjoying peacefully, the serenity and core essence of Ramadan,” exclaimed one of the participants.

Imam Shahid Rizvi of the AL-Noor Society of Greater Houston led the Mughreb Prayers. Emcee of the program was Sister Mona Khalil. Prominent members of the host Committee includes M.J.Khan, Daenea Leflore, Ruhi Ozgul, rada Okhoundava, Jamal Antilaq, Cristal Montinez, Mehmet Okumas, David Gogwin, ILyas Choudry, Haroon Mouhal, Akhtar Abdullah, Khalid Kazi, Matloob Khan, Tahir Bhatti , Zafar Khan, Rauf Khan, Selina Jafry, Arif Momin, Sher Ali Haider Ali, Shah Haleem, Abdel Alkhadiri, Khalid Zulfiqar Khan, Mohammad Zaheer, Syed Izfar, Mahmud Dahri, Zaki Mirza and many others. Event was managed by volunteers from His Highness the Aga Khan Council of the Southwest united states and the City of Houston Volunteers corp. One of the finest and sumptuous cuisines in the town of Tempura Restaurant, Turkish DNR Grill, and Greek Salads were served. Collaborating Organizations of Houston Iftar 2013 were: AL-Noor Institute of Islamic Sciences, AL-Iman Youth, Arab American Cultural & Community Center, American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI), Bangladesh Association Houston, Bilateral Arab Chamber of Commerce, Clear Lake Islamic Center, Council on American Islamic Relations Texas,, Houston Chapter (CAIR Texas), Dawoodi Bohra Masjid,Dialogue institute of the Southwest, Greater Houston Retailer Cooperative Association (GHRA), Hashoo Foundation, House of Charity, His Highness the Aga Khan Council for Southwestern United States, Houston Shifa Services Foundation (HSSF), Ibn Sina Foundation,Indian Muslim Association of Greater Houston (IMAGH), Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, Jamia Mecca Masjid-Beechnut, Makah, Masjid-Dairy Ashford, Muslim Council of USA, Pakistan Chamber of Commerce–USA (PCC-USA), Pakistani-American Council of Texas (PACT), Pakistani Association of Golden Triangle (PAGT), Pakistan American Society of Texas (PAST), Raindrop Turkish House, Risala Foundation, Rupani Foundation, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), Sun Charity-USA, South Asian Chamber of Commerce, Texas Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Tayaba Masjid-Katy Texas, University of Karachi Alumni Association of Houston